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Our Rich, Historic Miami Beach Hotel

The Clay Hotel

The Clay Hotel, located at the base of the award-winning pedestrian thoroughfare Espanola Way, has been a Miami staple for over 90 years. Offering guests the ultimate South Beach experience at an affordable price, the hotel is 2 short blocks from the beach and steps from charming shops, outdoor bars, restaurants, and intimate cafes. The Clay combines Mediterranean Spanish flair with contemporary comfort to transport guests to a relaxing home away from home.

Settle into one of our newly remodeled rooms, complete with luxury comfort mattresses and custom sound resistant windows and balcony doors, or relax by the fountain in the newly revitalized courtyard. One of the bellman will be happy to whisk your luggage up our charming historic staircase while you explore the over 20 restaurants and stores that line Espanola Way – voted best block in South Florida, and one of the top tourist destinations in South Beach.

Espanola Way



Using the natural environment as a starting point, Artist Pedro Amador harnesses the wild energy of the landscape, creating pieces that take into account every detail, however small, giving them an intimate while personal feeling.

Guided by reason, but without accepting the limitations imposed by the subject, viewers of his work are carried away into a dream-like universe of colours and images that speaks to us of landscapes. Sensitivity is deeply present in every detail, and vibrating inspiration can be felt in each line. In the depiction of the small leaf, in the quiet stream, in the majesty of the sea, we feel a sense of life and the freshness of shore

Pedro Amador is part of the new generation of Cuban landscape Painters, heir to the grand tradition of the Chartrand brothers, Valentin Sanz Carta, Domingo Ramos and many others who once gave luster to the Cuban landscape

Pedro is undoubtedly a talented artist and leading figure in the world of landscape painting. His inspired works leave a lasting impression on those who come into contact with his masterful brushstrokes, and we are proud to display his works done directly on plaster in our halls.

Pedro spent 2 years in Residence at The Clay painting over 30 landscape works from around the world. It is worth your time to tour those works through our halls.