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Our Rich, Historic Miami Beach Hotel

The Clay Hotel


In the heart of Miami’s South Beach resides the Mediterranean pedestrian wonderland of Espanola Way and its crown jewel, The Clay Hotel. With its stucco exterior, terracotta tiled floors, wrought-iron balconies, charming courtyards, and overflowing fountains, you will instantly feel the allure of our beautiful and distinctive hotel. Deeply rooted in Miami history, The Clay is the site of Al Capone’s 1930s gambling ring, the birthplace of Desi Arnaz’s rumba dancing craze, and the backdrop to shows like Miami Vice and music videos for artists such as Elton John.    

Located just two blocks from the pristine beaches of South Beach, The Clay Hotel features newly remodeled rooms and bathrooms, wireless internet, continental breakfast, and unique 24 hour access to the vibrant Espanola Way. Lined with restaurants, bars, art galleries, and one-of-a-kind shops, this colourful open-air market is one of the top tourist destinations in Miami.

Whether it’s to experience the history and architecture of South Beach, or to indulge in the famous dining and nightlife of Miami,the historic Clay Hotel is the place you want to be. 


The Clay Hotel

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