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The Clay Hotel Specials in South Miami Beach
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Party On... in the city that never sleeps

Miami is well known for being a party city. There are lively techno places for those with excess energy to burn, outdoor beach parties in the light of the moon and more chilled out places for those who wish to absorb the laid back atmosphere. You will definitely find something to suit you. Just remember that Miami works on a much later time scale than the rest of North America – meaning clubs don't open until 11pm and don't get going until at least 2am.  Most are still going at sunrise and some are 24 hour!

Remember that almost all clubs have different music and themes on different nights, so check out in advance what is going on that night.  For up-to-date listings, check out, which should tell you all you need to know and more!

Washington Avenue is generally accepted as the place to be in Miami, with the best and most popular clubs around.  Try to end up here!

Call up during the day and make a reservation – there are many places where if you're not on the list, you're not coming in!

At full moon, remember to go to the beach party!  An atmosphere not to be missed out on!

RELAX!  This is a place where anything goes, so sit back, enjoy the ride and go with the flow.

The Clay Hotel 1438 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, Florida 33139 United States Phone: 305-534-2988 1.800.379.CLAY Fax: 305-673-0346